FFCC Deep Dive – Marketing Agenda

Panel Discussion

● The Science Behind Storytelling

In today’s content-saturated landscape, captivating the attention of savvy and often cynical consumers poses a significant challenge. It’s crucial to incorporate stories that resonate with your audience. Explore the strategies to leverage channel strengths for effective storytelling. Identify the mediums that resonate with consumer values and motivations.  What impact does authenticity have on influencing actions? Is a brand narrative the key ingredient in shaping overall branding? Learn how to keep messaging simple yet persuasive. Uncover the unique elements that set your brand apart and seamlessly weave them into your narrative. Join our panel for an insightful discussion on how brands can immerse themselves in the science behind storytelling

Panel Discussion

● Going Beyond Likes: Measuring ROI from Influencer Campaigns

Let’s steer away from the usual benefits discussion and dive into the heart of Influencer campaigns. How can we ensure the utmost ROI in our influencer marketing endeavors while meticulously tracking their impact? Establishing goals and metrics is pivotal, whether it’s for increasing brand awareness, driving engagement or boosting sales. What tangible effects do these campaigns have on consumer behavior? And is it just about direct sales, or do indirect sales also count? Crafting an optimized campaign with engaging content is key. How do you select the right influencer, and how does that choice impact your ROI? Join us for an in-depth discussion as we unravel these strategies and shed light on their long-term impact as well, in this ever-evolving landscape

Panel Discussion

● The Data Buffet:The art of personalized marketing.

In every facet of our world, data’s influence is vast, propelling sales and boosting efficiency. With that in mind, let’s delve into the intricacies of data utilization. How do brands proficiently collect and analyze customer data to shape personalized marketing strategies? What approaches ensure segmentation and targeting, making personalized campaigns relevant across diverse audience segments? Explore the extension of personalized marketing beyond digital channels, creating cohesive omnichannel experiences. And let’s not overlook the potential of data in upselling and driving sales—join us in unpacking the potency of data in today’s landscape, understanding how this tool elevates customer engagement

Panel Discussion

● Ratings, Reviews, and Reputation: Navigating the Digital Landscape

Digital channels have transformed brand-customer interactions, offering numerous touchpoints to foster brand loyalty. This not only aids in retaining existing customers but also attracts new ones. Discover how online ratings and reviews impact consumer trust and influence purchasing decisions. Does a positive online reputation play a pivotal role in cultivating robust brand loyalty? Join our panel discussion as experts share insights on discerning authenticity in online reviews and combating fake feedback. Can businesses effectively address negative feedback without jeopardizing brand reputation? Uncover strategies and best practices in navigating the dynamic world of online reputation management

Panel Discussion

● Crafting Emotionally Compelling Content: From Connection to Conversion

In an era where consumer choices are heavily influenced by emotional connections, mastering the art of crafting content that resonates, is crucial for F&B marketers. This discussion will explore the power of emotional engagement in marketing & how it can generate not only brand affinity but also tangible results such as conversions and brand advocacy? What metrics and tools do you utilize to track the impact of emotionally compelling content? How can brands tackle the challenges in maintaining authenticity while incorporating emotional elements into your content? Can consistency and frequency in content creation contribute to building trust and credibility with your audience?


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