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The Fast Food & Cafe Convention was launched in 2017 with an ambitious vision to create a platform, through a conference & exhibition, for all stakeholders in the QSR, Cafe, Fast Casual, Cloud Kitchen, Casual Dining and the food & beverages industry. We are excited to say that this has gradually become a reality – both, the conference exhibition, have grown over the last 5 editions and we are overwhelmed by the staggering support from the industry.
We are now steaming ahead with the avidity and enthusiasm of children in an amusement park and we hope to bring the entire community together on this adventure!

Meet Our Steering Committee!

Anurag Katriar

President NRAI, CEO deGustibus Hospitality

Bijou Kurien

Chairman - RAI, Independent Director

Ajay Khanna

Acting CEO, Vasudev Adigas

Rahul Singh

Fouder & CEO- The Beer Cafe

Karan Tanna

Founder & CEO Ghost Kitchens

Wait! Why FFCC?

Good question! The team here at FFCC is focused on one thing and one thing only - that of building conferences & events that are dedicated to bringing the entire food & beverages community together, giving you an unparalleled opportunity to meet  network with your peers in creatively curated, fun yet professional, environments. We employ a confex format, which is a fusion of a conference & exhibition, with a desire to address topics and create spaces to provide for a wide variety of experiences. The conference has an interactive format with panel discussions and breakout sessions, which gives all participants an opportunity to voice their thoughts and share expertise.

Here are the three key elements our conference & exhibition focusses on:


Through our conference, we are driven to bring you the best content, not just from experts in the field but also from experiences you and your peers bring with you.


The Fast Food & Cafe Convention is the only live event in the country that has multiple formats designed to give you the most effective and advanced networking platform there is.


Finally, our ultimate goal is to enable our community to collaborate and do business and through our unparalleled niche platforms, this is exactly what we do!.

What we do!

Fast Food & Cafe Convention

The Fast Food & Cafe Convention is India's only conference & exhibition, dedicated to the QSR, Cafe, Cloud Kitchen, Casual Dining & Fast Casual Industry. The live event aims to bring the entire community together to Learn, Network & Collaborate with each other & let’s be honest there is no better place to meet with your peers than a trade show.

Fast Food & Cafe Convention - Hangouts

A hassle-free, fun yet enthralling evening for restaurateurs and pub owners to hangout and chill, with drinks and dinner. An entertaining quiz is bound to add an element of serious hilarity to the evening. This is an exclusive, invite only event for food & beverages operators across the city. Starting from Bangalore, FFCC Hangouts is all set to travel to different places around the country.

Fast Food & Cafe Convention - Connect

The social distancing and lockdowns during these unprecedented times, made the need for businesses to connect that much more important. We draw upon the incredible strength of our network to bring you one on one virtual meetings with your potential client, through FFCC Connect.

Some of our Exhibitors & Attendees

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