F&B Awards for Excellence

Don’t miss out on the upcoming FFCC 2024, where we have a special treat for you! Join us for an exclusive awards ceremony during the evening cocktail reception. Stay tuned for more exciting details about this prestigious recognition!

Why The F&B Virtuoso Awards

No Nomination Fees

What makes the F&B Virtuoso Awards truly exceptional is that they are the only awards in the industry that recognize achievements without any nomination fees. This means that the awards are solely based on merit and excellence.

QSR, Cafe, CDR & Cloud Kitchen Dedicated

The F&B Virtuoso awards are the exclusive accolades in India and the Middle East designed specifically for the remarkable QSR, Cafe, Casual Dining, and Cloud Kitchen community, offering you a truly industry-centered recognition.

limited award categories

Limited award categories ensure fierce competition and industry recognition for outstanding achievements in the QSR, Cafe, Casual Dining, and Cloud Kitchen community. Showcase your talent, gain industry-centered recognition, and propel your career or business to new heights. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to be recognized among the best.

Who Can Nominate

Indian & International Quick Service Restaurants Brands, Fast Casual & Casual Dining Restaurants, Cafe, Cloud Kitchens,


Requisite Information Submitted: 30%
Supporting Documents: 25%
Innovation and Creativity of Concept: 20%
Impact and Effectiveness: 15%
Presentation and Clarity of Entry: 10%

Our Jury
Bijou Kurien

Retail Association of India

Chef Saby Gorai

Consultant Chef and Mentor

Ajay Khanna

5th Element Hospitality

Samir Kuckreja

Founder & CEO
Tasanaya Hospitality

Vishal Perreira

Managing Director
CreedCap Asia Advisors

Nomination Process
  • Roll out the Red Carpet: Nomination forms, your golden ticket to the awards, can only be submitted online. No pigeons or carrier owls allowed, folks!
  • The Sherlock Inspection: Our crack team of assessors will delve deep into each nomination, checking for completeness faster than you can say “B2B brilliance.” If your nomination is missing a puzzle piece or two, fear not! We’ll send out our carrier pigeons (or maybe just an email) to ask for those elusive details.
  • Jury Duty: Picture this – a room filled with industry experts, armed with magnifying glasses and a penchant for excellence. They’ll scrutinize every nomination with the precision of a Michelin-star chef plating up their masterpiece. And yes, their word is final, so no funny business!
  • Show Us the Money…Metrics: We’re not just here for the razzle-dazzle; we want the cold, hard facts. Nominees, show us the evidence! Whether it’s sales figures, customer testimonials, or a selfie with your award-winning dish, we want to see it all.
  • Keep the Party Pumping: Nobody likes an empty dance floor, so let’s keep those nominations flowing! If a category doesn’t hit the sweet spot of at least five nominations, it might be time to bid it farewell. But hey, who knows? We might just surprise you with a brand-spanking-new category!
  • Deadline Drama: Mark your calendars, set your alarms, and tie a string around your finger – the last date for nominations is 5th May 2024. Don’t be fashionably late; be fashionably fabulous!


Award Categories

Best Cafe Award

From cosy coffee shops to delightful bakeries, this award celebrates the heart and soul of café culture.

Criteria: Outstanding quality, atmosphere, and customer experience in café establishments.

Best Casual Dining Restaurant Award

Celebrating the cream of the crop in casual dining! From neighbourhood bistros to trendy eateries, show us what sets you apart.

Criteria: Exceptional dining experience, menu innovation, and customer satisfaction in casual dining establishments.

Best Cloud Kitchen

Calling all kitchen virtuosos! This award recognises the pioneers of the cloud kitchen revolution. Show us how you’re redefining food delivery.

Criteria: Innovation, versatility, and success in the cloud kitchen model.

The Rising Star Award

Young, hungry, and changing the game! This award celebrates the under-30 trailblazers making waves in the F&B industry with their innovation and creativity.

Criteria: Significant contributions and achievements in the F&B industry before the age of thirty.

The Greenest of The Green Award

Seeking the eco-champions of the food industry! Show us how you’re reducing waste and treading lightly on our planet. From smart energy use to innovative packaging, this award celebrates brands leading the charge towards a greener future.

Criteria: Demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint.

The Socially Responsible Brand Award

Calling all do-gooders! This award honours brands making a real difference in their communities. Whether it’s feeding the hungry or aiding disaster relief, show us your heart and soul.

Criteria: Evidence of meaningful social initiatives and contributions to charitable causes.

Culinary Visionary Award QSR

Ever wondered about the magic behind the kitchen doors? Meet the maestros orchestrating culinary symphonies in the depths of QSR kitchens. From innovative menus to flawless execution, this award celebrates the culinary visionaries shaping the fast food landscape.

Criteria: Innovation in menu creation, standardisation across outlets, pioneering production techniques, and outstanding food quality.

Culinary Visionary Award Casual Dining

Step into the world of casual dining, where culinary creativity reigns supreme. This award honours the masterminds behind innovative menus and exceptional dining experiences. From standardisation to pioneering techniques, these visionaries are shaping the future of casual dining.

Criteria: Innovation in menu development, standardisation across outlets, pioneering production methods, and culinary excellence.

Most Innovative Marketing Campaign Award

Let’s get creative! We’re on the hunt for marketing maestros who’ve dazzled us with their campaigns. From eye-catching visuals to impactful content, show us your marketing magic.

Criteria: Execution of outstanding marketing campaigns between Apr 23 – Mar 24.

The Best Packaging Award

ackaging is all the rage these days. It’s not just about quality, brand, and utility. It’s how the brand is presented – it is the touch, the see, the feel factor. Having said this, apart from having to celebrate the ingenuity between innovation and authenticity and beauty and packaging we would also like to celebrate sustainability in packaging, so let’s round up all of these factors and set out to find our winner.

The Most Customer Centric Brand Award

Customer is king! This award celebrates brands that go above and beyond to delight and engage their customers.

Criteria: Exceptional customer engagement strategies, loyalty programmes, and brand identity.

The Comeback Restaurant of the Year Award

From near closure to spectacular revival! This award celebrates the phoenixes of the restaurant world. Tell us your inspiring tale of resilience and reinvention.

Criteria: Remarkable turnaround and revitalisation within the last three years.

Startup of the Year QSR Award

From dream to reality! This award recognises the brightest stars in the quick service restaurant scene. Share your journey from startup to success.

Criteria:Incorporation within the last five years, demonstrated growth and innovation.

Startup of the Year Café Award

Brewing up success from scratch! This award celebrates the freshest faces in the café scene. Share your story of startup grit and gusto.

Criteria: Incorporation within the last five years, demonstrated growth and innovation.

Startup of the Year Cloud Kitchen Award

Cooking up a storm in the cloud! This award celebrates the trailblazers of the cloud kitchen revolution. Share your recipe for startup success.

Criteria: Incorporation within the last five years, demonstrated growth and innovation.

Best QSR (Domestic) Award

Quick bites, big delights! This award celebrates the homegrown heroes of fast food. From mouth-watering menus to lightning-fast service, show us why you’re the top dog in the domestic QSR scene.

Criteria: Recognition for the best domestic Quick Service Restaurant based on menu innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Best QSR (International) Award

Fuel up your wanderlust! This award shines a spotlight on the global giants of fast food. From iconic flavours to world-class service, show us why you’re the cream of the international QSR crop.

Criteria: Recognition for the best international Quick Service Restaurant based on global presence, menu innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Creme De La Creme Award

Roll out the red carpet for the crème de la crème! This award crowns the pinnacle of culinary excellence, showcasing the crème de la crème of the F&B industry. From gastronomic delights to unparalleled service, this is where the finest shine brightest!

Criteria: Demonstrated excellence in cuisine, service, innovation, and overall dining experience.