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for Senior Marketing Executives From
QSR's Cafe's Casual Dining Cloud Kitchens .
Explore, Experience, and Be Inspired.
About The Marketing Deep Dive

Get ready for the ultimate marketing extravaganza! We're thrilled to invite senior marketing executives from QSRs, cafes, casual dining restaurants, and cloud kitchens to an exclusive, invitation-only conference. Join us as we dive deep into the challenges you face and brainstorm innovative solutions together.

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About FFCC Deep Dive

Deep Dive is an exclusive event that guarantees attendees the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge

in their specific job function and connect with like-minded professionals. It serves as a compact yet comprehensive platform for learning and networking, focusing on the key challenges you encounter. Contact our team for more information on the upcoming Deep Dive events and be part of this extraordinary experience.


Do you have a solution that is aimed at a specific audience? Deep Dive is the exclusive event that provides you with the opportunity to do just that.


Calling all marketers! Are you part of the QSR, Cafe, Casual Dining, or Cloud Kitchen world? If so, then it’s time to register now and join the most epic Marketing event for senior Marketing Executives. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Explore, Experience,
and Be Inspired.

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Exhibition: 01.12.22 - 01.01.23

1400°C. Metamorphosis in Clay, Sculpting Emotions

Julia Clark

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