Unparalleled Networking

It's all about Networking No Speeches, No Panels just plain old meeting people.

When you think of the Fast Food & Café Convention you would rightly assume that it’s an event that focuses on the serious side of business - from operations to brand, marketing to supply chain - that's probably what comes to mind. But the truth is - Life isn’t always about business and serious conversations! Every once in a while, we enjoy mixing things up, and hangouts is designed for this one purpose which is to have an evening filled with excitement, laughter and light conversations to help you shake off the stress and rejuvenate. lus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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Now, here is us introducing you to FFCC Hangouts

A hassle free, upbeat and captivating evening for all restaurant/pub/microbrewery owners to take a break from their work schedules and just have a crazy good time! To contribute to the evening’s entertainment, we will host a fun quiz or a stand up act or anything that will add a touch of amusement and interaction to the festivities! You don’t have to be a trivia whiz to participate in this battle of wits, however what you will need is an ounce of banter, a splash of sass and a generous portion of humor! The hosted quizzes won’t ever be on subject knowledge and superior intellect, but would reflect more the humor and cheekiness each team member brings to the table! With drinks and dinner on the house, it is an evening of casual conversations and some trivia on tap!






Why Sponsor FFCC Hangouts?

Get Face Time with 50+ Decision Makers

FFCC Hangouts, is specially designed to give you an opportunity to meet with key decision makers in a casual environment.

Exclusivity - Simple

we will have only 8 Solution providers per event all of them offering different solutions and this way we ensure zero overlap, giving you complete exclusivity in your segment.

Build Relationships

FFCC Hangouts is designed to get you to meet with senior executives in a casual environment over a few drinks.Well to be honest there really isn’t a better way to break the ice than a drink or two… is there?


Designed to help you give your customer a hands on experience of your product at the event

FFCC Hangouts is a By Invite Only event please drop the team a message to get yours