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May 3rd | Bengaluru

Hilton Convention Centre,
Embassy Manyata Business Park


2022 Show Reel!

About The AWAM

Whats Cooking?

We are almost two years into the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic. Not only was the 5th edition of The Fast Food and Cafe Convention benched indefinitely, Oddbox as a small business was compelled into a variety of experimental online formats of events – a huge shift in strategy to do justice to the many implications of the pandemic in the F&B space. With the Fast Food & Cafe Convention strategically set to take place in may this year, we want to lead the way into the future by healing and reflecting on the lessons learnt. What looks like the best way forward? Can we join forces to expedite solutions?

What you can Expect
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The Format

Pre Scheduled Meetings

Do you believe that a streamlined day at the event would make your life much simpler? Well, that’s precisely what we do with our business meeting tool.

In person & Virtual

While in person events are a brilliant & arguably the best way to network, the benefits of creating connections virtually are great too (there is a reason Linkedin is so awesome), FFCC caters to the best both worlds, giving you an opportunity to bump fists or elbows or just wave at your peer from the comfort of your home.

Fireside chats

There’s always a lot more that gets revealed in one-to-one discussions. We bring in senior leaders with a ton of experience and get them on-stage for a chat that is sure to benefit you. This will be followed by an audience Q&A.

Break Out Sessions

We believe that each one of us have ideas that can be useful. We give you an opportunity to voice your thoughts, by being an active part of roundtable discussions on topics that matter the most to you.


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See who spoke at our 2022 event!

Bijou Kurien

Retailers Association of India (RAI)
Independent Director

Aditya Kharwa McDonalds

Aditya Kharwa

Director, National Head Operations
McDonald's India, West & South

Tarak Bhattacharya

Mad Over Donuts, Executive Director & COO

Bert Mueller

California Burrito -

Chaitanya Chitta Slay Coffee

Chaitanya Chitta

Slay Coffee

Gauri Devidayal

Food Matters India Pvt. Ltd.
Founder and CEO

Vishal Jindal

Biryani By Kilo

Rashmi Daga


Vasudev Adigas

Ajay Khanna

Vasudev Adiga's
Business Head

Shakir Haq

NKP Empire Ventures

Biraja Rout

Biraja Rout

Biggies Burger

Gautam Balijepalli

Gautam Balijepalli

Kouzina Food Tech
Co-Founder & CEO

Dr Vidya Chakravarthi

Dr Vidya Chakravarthi

Hatti Kaapi

Kumar Katra

Kumar Katra

CEO & Founder

Karan Taurani

Karan Taurani

Elara Capital
Senior Vice President

Ramachander Raman

Ramchander Raman

Nucleus by Mukunda Foods Pvt Ltd,
Co-Founder and COO

Kapil Mathrani

Kapil Mathrani


Biplob Chakraborty Rebel Foods

Biplab Chakraborty

Head of Investments
Rebel Foods

Muralikrishnan CMO, Co-Founder Wow! Momo

Murali Krishnan

CMO, Co-Founder
Wow! Momo

Dheeraj Gupta, Founder, Jumboking

Dheeraj Gupta


Vikas Punjabi, Founder, The Chocolate Room

Vikas Punjabi

The Chocolate Room,

Navaj A Sharief | Founder | Fan Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd.

Navaj A Sharief

Fan Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd. Brands Owned : ShariefBhai & Saapaad

Amit Bagga, Founder, Daryaganj

Amit Bagga


Gaurav Narang

Coffee Culture

Ranjit Talwar

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®
Commercial Director India

Samir Kuckreja (1)

Samir Kuckreja


Kapel Malhotra (1)

Kapil Malhotra

Total Solutions Group

Why The Fast Food & Cafe Convention?


Whats on the Menu!


Long after a customer forgets their enjoyment over a meal at your restaurant, what stays with them is the experience of dining with you. Giving the customer an experience to remember is the key to repeat business and referrals. How high up in a restaurants list of offerings does customer experience rank? How can we improve the CX of a restaurant? How does a negative Review on social media impact your business? How can you redefine CX in a pandemic world, what are its implications? How does your business model, service, logistics or operational efficiency effect CX?
The online food delivery system has been the knight in shining armour for the food service market amidst the pandemic. With the surge in orders across the country and a plethora of restaurant options to choose from. How has app-based food delivery helped in promoting the growth of the industry? Is partnering up with food delivery aggregators a boon or bane? Do restaurants need to create food delivery apps for themselves?
Sponsor Talks
We don’t want to overestimate the importance of learning from the people around us. When we’re open to learning from others, we benefit from their experience as well as our own. This session provides not only key learning but quick, fast action tips and tricks to help you get ahead. Listen to the hard-won lessons your peers share with you about their experiences of running their businesses during the ongoing pandemic. You might just get an idea or two! Each of our presenters is given a maximum of 5 minutes to give you a few quick tips and fast lessons to either learn from or implement in your business today!
Running any business without digital marketing these days is like running on a treadmill; working really hard, but heading nowhere. How has digital marketing impacted the food industry in the past few years? How much should a restaurant invest in it? By what means can digital marketing help in restoring customer confidence in your brand? Is monetary investment in social media marketing a necessity? What is the impact of your online presence? To what degree are you willing to optimize your digital marketing strategy?
Cloud Kitchens may be a worldwide staple, but are slowly burgeoning into the Indian Food service industry. How and what is the impact of this emergence on the sector? How are dark/cloud kitchens changing the face of the business? What is fueling this growth? What are the pitfalls and benefits of running a cloud kitchen? When is a cloud kitchen business model considered stable?

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The Proof is In the Pudding!

Papa Johns

Cracking convention, studded with a list of speakers & panelists which read like the Who's Who of the industry in UAE. Great networking event but also one where attendees had the opportunity to learn about navigating their business into the future!

Tapan Vaidya
CEO, PJP Investment Group

2021 Fast Food Cafe in the UAE brought together a powerhouse of industry leaders, change makers and thought leaders. This best in class convention demonstrated how aligned and focused the industry is in the UAE; the recent times have brought everyone together sharing knowledge, ideas and inspiration from Dubai

David Singleton
Partner, Socius
Rebel Foods

The insights I gained and the industry experts I got connected to from the Fast Food Convention far exceed any other conference I have attended to date. Additionally, the level of expertise of the presenters and the willingness to extend support the ecosystem are excellent. I am already looking forward to the next year's edition!

Ajay Jain
Country CEO, Rebel Foods

The Colloquy Carnival!

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