May 3rd 2023
Hilton Convention Center Manyata Tech Park Bengaluru

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Entries Close April 21st 2023

About the FFCC Virtuoso

Awards for excellence

The Fast Food & Cafe Convention has curated 9 editions of the show, with the aim of bringing the QSR, Fast Casual, Cafe, Cloud kitchen, and Casual Dinning segments together in a community that provides the space and opportunity for free thinking, creativity, networking, learning, and most importantly collaborating.

We have met with and befriended thousands of exceptional executives, industry leaders and disrupters. Not to mention, been introduced to over a thousand brands, some at the very pinnacle and some on their way there. We have seen solutions and innovations grow and improve with every passing edition and we want to shine the spotlight of excellence on executives, brands, visionaries and thought leaders in the industry!

But that’s not all, this year is an incredibly special one:

In 2023, FFCC will launch its very first FFCC Virtuoso Awards for excellence at the upcoming FFCC 2023. The awards will be hosted during the evening cocktail reception. Here are the award categories and their respective requirements and criteria. So, if you think you want to apply, fill in those forms and let’s get moving! Some of our categories have a pre-requisite nomination fee, whilst some do not.

Who Can Nominate

Indian & International Quick Service Restaurants Brands, Fast Casual & Casual Dining Restaurants, Cafe, Cloud Kitchens,

Nomination Process

– Nomination forms can be submitted through the online link only.

– The Nomination Forms will be checked by an internal assessment team for completeness of information provided by the nominees. In case any clarifications are required, the nominees shall be informed about the same and they are required to provide the missing information/supporting documents.

– The jury will be presented with the assessment details and post stringent evaluation, the shortlisted nominees and the winner in each category will be decided. The decision of the Jury shall be considered as final and binding.

– Nominees are urged to provide evidence to support their entries, including the metrics around results, links to their work or other items they feel are relevant to showcase the quality of their submission. Judges will also consider the structure, presentation and clarity of each entry.

– Categories in which less than 5 valid nominations are received may be dropped. The organisers and Jury reserve the right to change or alter the award categories. The last date of receiving the completed Nomination Forms is 15 April 2023.

Our Jury

Bijou Kurien

Chairman, Retailers Association of India (RAI)

Ajay Kaul

Senior Director/ Advisor with Everstone Capital Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

Ajay Khanna

Founder - 5th Element Hospitality

Abhijit Saha

Founder & MD, Ace Hospitality & Consulting

Saloni Nangia

President & Managing Partner at Technopak Advisors.


Requisite information submitted
Structure, presentation & clarity of entry


The Crème de la Crème Award

Every brand in the F&B sector has that one senior person, who has always shown initiative and has always led first. They don’t just talk the talk; they also walk the walk. They have not only been highly inspirational to many of their colleagues and staff, but they show respect, and garner respect in return. They are also somebody who understands every tiny minutia of the industry, every intricacy, every pattern and their knowledge is immense. They have reached where they have through hard work, dedication, and initiative. He or she is not just a leader, but a thought leader, a guide, a teacher and mentor who leads their teams like a shepherd leads his flock to the greenest of pastures. We would like to salute this excellence in management.
Criteria: Most branches opened, highest revenue generated, maximum growth of the brand during his/her tenure, highest impact on the brand.

Culinary Visionary Award QSR/Culinary Visionary Award Café/Culinary Visionary Award Casual Dining/Culinary Visionary Award Cloud Kitchen

Should you one day decide to take a peek behind the curtain – unseen, unheard, in the depths of the kitchen, away from the eyes of the customer, occurs a symphony orchestra played to perfection by chefs, sous chefs and their captain, the Executive Chef; conducting this orchestra we know as “The Kitchen” overseeing the plating, the ingredients used and every dish sent out to the customer. The success of every restaurant in the world relies on having a great chef, to a large extent.
Criteria: Most innovative menu, Standardisation/consistency of menus across multiple outlets.innovative production techniques, great food pioneering efforts

The Greenest of The Green Award

We all believe ourselves to be the custodians of this planet, nature, flora, and fauna. Food wastage, packaging wastage, plastics, non-recyclable or difficult to recycle materials have all become a problem all across the world and as the food industry continues to grow larger and more popular, so does the accompanying responsibility of every company to look into the amount of wastage that they put out into the world. It is time for one of the most fascinating industries to look into more sustainable options for the future of their brands. This is the sustainability award. For the brand that has made the most difference not only in their company motto but also in the ways of working to initiate smart energy consumption, change packaging and help reduce food waste.
Criteria: The brand that cares most about the environment & planet and the least amount of food waste etc with an intention of reducing their carbon footprint.

The Socially Responsible Brand Award

We believe in giving back to the world what we have received, we believe in charity, in doing the right thing. Right now, more than ever we need to ramp up our social responsibility. We see an increase in giving back to the community at large, helping with food donations instead of dumping uneaten and transformable food into dumpsters. Providing nutrition to people/nations in need, to the homeless and shelter less, to help disaster relief and aid by something as simple as a sandwich and bottle of water. This award is for the purity of heart, the moral legs a brand stands on, the very concept of giving back, charity initiatives and brand morality. Show us who you support and show us what you have done.

Most Innovative Marketing Campaign Award

Where would most businesses be without the influence of marketers! Marketing in today’s world has many faces, facets, looks, colours and feel. To compound and execute a marketing campaign can comprise of many segments. We however will be focusing on three aspects: visual, social cause or social media strategy and content. We will be looking for best integrated social media campaign, cause-based campaign and content marketing campaign.
Criteria: The campaign should have been executed between Apr 22 – Mar 23

Best QSR (Domestic) Award & Best QSR (International) Award:

Quick service restaurants have certainly changed over the last decade and have further outdone themselves when it comes to innovation and menu, quality of product and produce, delivery times, and convenience to customer.

Best Café Award

Cafés entail all forms of the same, including bakeries & patisseries.

Best Casual Dining Restaurant Award

Casual Dining encompasses a vast majority of restaurants, cuisines, and restaurant sizes in today’s world. And we would like to celebrate the best of the best.

Best Cloud Kitchen Award

Cloud kitchens might have existed before the pandemic but have burgeoned into one of the most interesting industry segments within the F&B space in the last few years and we want to tip our hat to the most successful and versatile of them!

The Most Customer Centric Brand Award

Customer is king! So, what have you done to engage the customer? What have you done to make them notice you? What kind of rewards have you offered them? What does your loyalty programme entail? How have you made customers identify with your brand? In short what we want to know is about your customer centric engagement.

The Best Packaging Award

Packaging is all the rage these days. It’s not just about quality, brand, and utility. It’s how the brand is presented – it is the touch, the see, the feel factor. Having said this, apart from having to celebrate the ingenuity between innovation and authenticity and beauty and packaging we would also like to celebrate sustainability in packaging, so let’s round up all of these factors and set out to find our winner.

The Comeback Restaurant of the Year Award

If you were that restaurant standing on its last legs, unable for multiple reasons to move forward, and suddenly or with compounded efforts, you were revived with a breath of fresh air that enabled you to re-think, re-structure, and re-prioritize to get you back on those new feet to make a comeback! Tell us your story! Three entries will be shortlisted who will go up on stage and tell their story live to the audience within 3mts. A live voting will decide the winner!
Criteria:Time period for consideration is the last three years

Startup of the Year QSR Award/Startup of the Year Café Award/Startup of the Year CDR Award/Startup of the Year Cloud Kitchen Award

We know how hard starting up can be, the multitude of decisions you need to make to get your baby legs & make it inch forward! But guess what?! You’ve made it! So, tell us your story, so it may inspire someone to start off too and give them the permission to dream! Proof of incorporation, no of outlets, no employees, revenue.
Criteria:5 years or lesser in operation

The Rising Star Award

This award is in recognition of anyone that is below the age of thirty, who has significantly contributed to the F&B industry with insurmountable value, innovation, and creativity.