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November 2nd 2022

2nd Edition
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Creating a Commercially Viable Model for a Business that can Travel the World

Crafting a successful entry into a new country isn’t easy. These expansion plans require months, if not years, of research and oversight as brands search for the right partner to develop a real estate plan and menu that match the market’s demographic. VCs and angel investors are considering restaurants a profitable venture, and are now investing more than ever into exciting ideas. How can you build a model that can be replicated in other regions to expand profitability? What should franchisors look for in franchise partners to scale their business regionally or globally? Are PE and/or VC investments good for the industry in the long run? Should large conglomerates get into the F&B business?

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Paving the Way for a Seamless Customer Experience in Cloud Kitchens

The concept of a cloud kitchen has gained momentum, considering the change in diner behavior where people are more inclined towards food delivery than dining out. As cloud kitchens function entirely on the online model, customers can only interact with them via a website or delivery app. By not having a dine-in option, a delivery-only restaurant thus has no opportunity to understand customer perception. How to provide an easy and smooth Customer experience in the ordering process for such models? How can technology play a role in achieving this successful Customer Experience?

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Pillars of the Business: Fostering the Industry in Service of Employees

A recurring issue for food service employees is the need for a true living wage and work-life balance. Restaurants that recently have invested in their staff—from better wages to paid time off to retirement plans—say that these changes have improved their entire relationship with their job. The fight for talent – is it just financial considerations or are qualitative elements like line manager, work atmosphere, organization culture, and appreciation/recognition equally important to the workforce? Do these considerations vary based on hierarchy, Nationality, and Gender? How do we create an ideal work-life balance?

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AI: Getting Up Close and Personal with Your Customers

Few will argue that the restaurant industry has become more open to embracing technology. In fact, brands of all sizes are adopting technology at a rapid pace. But how can operators be sure they are getting the most out of their investment? How can technology be used to collect customer data and thereby help to engage better with customers? For example, what if you knew the perfect discount to offer a particular customer by studying past purchases and syncing that with social media conversations? How can technology make all that possible? And how can operators make the most of it?

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Role of Technology in Unleashing Efficiencies in the Ever-Challenging Food Delivery Landscape

With time, the restaurant industry has become competitive and constrained. Margins have become tighter, prices have risen, and competition has increased. In such a landscape, how do restaurants meet the needs of modern-day customers demanding versatile food choices at their doorstep in a short time? Here’s where technology can play a vital role. Technology stands at the crossroads of innovation and execution and can help your restaurant excel to unparalleled heights. But, how should you deploy technology to unleash these efficiencies? How do you scale sustainably with technology?

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Developing Restaurant Branding through Social Media

The love of new and limited-time items posted to social media has put pressure on the industry to create menu items that are going to get liked, shared, and retweeted. Moreover, social media forces brands to be honest and transparent, helping create a brand image through each message released on the platform. Can influencer marketing be utilised by brands to work in their favour? The phenomenon of paid influencers – is it worth it? Is the quality of content produced by influencers satisfactory? Is it possible to stand out and actually create a brand identity through social media?

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Our Speakers

Naim Maadad

Naim Maadad

CEO & Founder
Gates Hospitality

Tapan Vaidya, CEO, Papa John's UAE & KSA

Tapan Vaidya,

Papa John's UAE & KSA

George Kunnappally, Managing Director Nando's

George Kunnappally,

Managing Director

Mubarak Bin Fahad, Chairman, Tasha's Group

Mubarak Bin Fahad,

Tasha's Group

Al Madani Group

Mohammad Al Madani

Chairman & CEO
Al Madani Group

Hesham Almekkawi

Tim Hortons Middle East

Ketaki Shah Head of Marketing Jollibee UAE

Ketaki Shah

Head of Marketing
Jollibee UAE

Peter Schatzberg

Peter Schatzberg

Founder & CEO
Sweetheart Kitchen

Mubarak Nabil Jaffar

Co-Founder & CEO
KLC Virtual Restaurants

Mandeep Sandhu

Marketing Manager
Mister Baker

Mike Hardie

Mike Hardie

Chief Executive Officer
AJ Kitchens

Charles Clements

Director of Innovation & Growth
Keane Brands

Akhilesh Bahl, Founder & CEO, Malt & Salt

Akhilesh Bahl,

Founder & CEO,
Malt & Salt

Steve Delpino

Krush Brands

Stasha Toncev

Chief Soulkitchen Officer
21grams | Urban Balkan Bistro

Shajeer Paramabath

Shajeer Paramabath

Managing Director
Mayfair Restaurants LLC

Suren Rajamohan

Suren Rajamohan

Social Media and Marketing Lead
Al Khaja Group

Adel Omar

Marketing Manager
Global Catering Services

Badih Hachem

Badih Hachem

Vice President, Contact Center

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