May 3rd 2023
Hilton Convention Center Manyata Tech Bengaluru

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7th – Fast Food & Cafe Convention 2023

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If we have learned anything about ourselves in the last two years, it’s that perseverance and ingenuity are the mark of humanity – we push on, smarter, faster, more creative, and innovative than ever. And the team here at ODDBOX are strutting into the new year with renewed confidence and the launch of the 7th edition of The Fast Food & Café Convention 2023!

After the outpouring of positive feedback, we received for our 6th annual. FFCC is back bigger and more diversified. We’re putting together our advisory panel to ensure we have the most talked about, and lucrative sessions, and topics on our agenda to bring about thought-provoking, value-driven discussions and collaborations.

What's on the Menu?

Morning -

Organiser welcome address

Event Chairman Welcome Address

A discussion around the life cycle of investments, from early to growth to exits, and doing it all over again. Meet the people who have provided capital to some of the best F&B businesses, and understand the do’s, don’ts, and strategies used to scale using external capital. The discussion will hover around timing, when to sell, when to raise, and when to never do either and build using your internal cash flows.

Over the last few years, technology use and adoption by the industry have exploded, reshaping how consumers are connected to the services they desire. Providing multiple ways for consumers to order, pay for, and get their meals on time while ensuring a uniform and seamless experience across platforms is a way of life now. In such a case, how are CRM tools impacting Hospitality? How is technology helping in leaving a mark by providing an excellent consumer experience?

Social media has changed the way we experience everything from day-to-day communication to eating out. Restaurants have become hotbeds of smartphone activity as consumers happily snap pictures of their plates and populate them with pithy reviews, forcing restaurant owners to sit up and take notice. As a result, consumers now judge a brand’s authenticity through influencers. Does Influencer marketing have an impact on consumers’ attitudes? Is investing in influencer marketing worth the hype? If so, how to maximize the potential of your social media partners?

Afternoon -

When a restaurant is looking to expand, franchising is definitely one of the most viable options available. The reason that this trend has picked up is that it comes with distinct advantages for the Franchisor. All this being said, there are also reasons for Operators to not go for restaurant franchising when it comes to expansion. What are the advantages and disadvantages of franchising? How good is franchising as an option when it comes to scaling the business?

With recent changing times, the outlook towards the restaurant businesses has seen a rapid shift from the perspective of customers and business owners. A few years ago, the home delivery business contributed a small portion of the restaurant’s revenue which now has a drastic upward growth. This has paved the way for an increase in cloud kitchens and the adoption of omnichannel models. Do restaurants’ business models need to change moving forward? Will delivery and virtual kitchens become a pressing priority in the Cloud Kitchen era?

Since the shift towards off-premise consumption of food, we are aware that a negative unboxing experience will reflect poorly on the entire brand. Today it is important to stand out and create a unique brand identity, starting with your packaging itself. The design, labelling and lately the material used, all go a long way to convey the essence of your brand. Is your box beautiful enough to rule social media? What are the options and innovations available today, to communicate your brand identity through your packaging?

18:30 Onwards!

Our Speakers

Bijou Kurien

Retailers Association of India (RAI)

Tarak Bhattacharya

Mad Over Donuts, Executive Director & COO

Chaitanya Chitta

Slay Coffee Founder

Biraja Rout

Biggies Burger Founder

Vishal Pereira


Nicolas Grossemy

Paris Panini,

Pravesh Pandey

Roxie, Director

Karan Tanna

Ghost Kitchens India, Founder CEO

Mahesh Reddy


Vaishnavi Shukla

Kitchens@, Corporate Attorney

Dawn Thomas

V&RO Hospitality, MD

Geetika Gupta

MOPP Foods, Co-Founder

Gaurav Narang

Coffee Culture, Founder

Pawan Shahri

Chrome Asia, CEO & Co-Founder

Murali Krishnan

Wow Momos, Co-Founder & CMO

Balaji Giri

Testo India Pvt Ltd, Key Account Manager - Food Business

Murali Arikara

Racanaa Energy, Chief Technology Officer

Ankit Patel

The Belgian Waffle Co. Executive Director & CEO

Abhijit Gupta

Pizza Bakery, Co-Founder

Harpreet Singh Tibb

Tibbs Frankie, Director

Nitin Motwani

Culinary Brands, CBO

Hari Balasubramanian

Indian Angel Network, Member

Anand Ramanathan

Deloitte , Partner

Ramesh Narayanan

Adyar Ananda Bhavan, CEO

Rahul Seth

Burger Singh, Co-Founder

Raghav Joshi

Rebel Foods, Co-Founder

Abhishek Mehta

ICICI Securities, VP

Anushree Bose

Nando's India, Marketing Lead

Shakir Haq

NKP Empire Ventures, CEO

Tapan Vaidya

PJP Investments, CEO

Diksha Pande

Samosa Party, Co-Founder

Kapel Malhotra

Total Solutions Group, MD & Founder

Sreedhar Prasad

Startup Adviser & Investor

Munishwar Srivastava

Head of Operations, Hongs Kitchen, Jubilant Foodworks

Kanishka Mazumdar

Senior VP & Segment Head-B2B, Stanza Living

Rohit Murthy

Managing Director, AKB Group

Pavangopal A

Nandus Foods Pvt Ltd, CMO

Nicole Rocque

Good Food India, Senior Innovation Specialist

Narayanan S

Coca-Cola India, Director, On Premise and Travel, Customer and Commercial Leadership

Tayyaba Farooque Shewan

Food Service India Pvt Ltd, Assistant Vice President, Research and Development- Quality Asssurance
The show will feature over 20’000 sq ft of exhibition floor and conference area!

FFCC 2023 has found a new home at the Hilton convention Center in Manyata Tech Park on the 3rd of May 2023.

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