Needing a hot, steaming mug of coffee before settling down at your desk or starting your day is common practice now. The modern consumer has unlimited choices, from cappuccinos to lattes – fresh brewed black coffee to macchiatos. So, for the coffee fans out there, Kaapi Solutions has the answers.

Kaapi Soultions India, a pioneer in the coffee Industry, is one of the leading suppliers of world class imported coffee machines. Kaapi Solutions have been effectively bridging the gap of efficient and aesthetic coffee equipment in India and perfecting the skills of embracing the barista journey.

Who is Kaapi Solutions?

Kaapi Solutions is a one-stop solution of world class imported coffee machines associated with premium brands from across the globe. They have been praised by their associates for the innumerable coffee machines installed across the globe.
Kaapi Solutions services are not only limited to providing the finest imported coffee machines, but their offerings range from state-of-art espresso equipment to barista training by award winning baristas. But that’s not all – their consulting services provide comprehensive assistance for anyone interested in starting their very own coffee shop.
The Kaapi Solutions motto – “Celebrating coffee to us means partnering with our clients to create the ultimate coffee experience.”

Some of Kaapi Solutions featured products include the:

Astoria : Traditional Coffee Machines

The Astoria offers the complete Italian espresso tradition in its models. Astoria’s traditional range of coffee machines guarantees reliability and service quality for all users. Whether you are the most experienced barista or a novice. Or if you simply need efficiency and speed to deal with large volumes. Or maybe your priority is quality. Astoria offers a different machine for each of these, but it is still Astoria.  

Astoria Storm

Astoria Storm by Kaapi Solutions

Astoria Storm is one of the best semi-automatic coffee machines and a perfect mix of high technology and a profound sense of artisanal craftsmanship.
Thanks to its revolutionary presence, it has allowed baristas the freedom to express themselves, thus, giving them free reign to explore their capabilities and capacity for creativity.
Its state-of-the-art design, the gestural movement of the barista, and his or her relationship to the space around them. The thermal system is precise and stable as no other coffee machine is. The relationship between who operates the coffee machine and who enjoys a cup of coffee is revolutionised; the barista who, with dedication, has chosen the grains, as well as the roasting and brewing steps can offer rituals of preparation and narration.

2) Astoria Hybrid

Astoria Hybrid by Kaapi Solutions

The Astoria Hybrid makes simple that which can only ever be accomplished by a professional barista; this high-tech espresso machine has the entire grinding, dosing, and compressing procedure of a typical super-automatic coffee machine built-in, which leads to excellent results, even when inexperienced baristas or users are using the machine:

– Coffee is extracted in the filter holder like traditional machines

– Grinders are built-in on request

– Automated coffee dosing and compression.

– Consistent performance even when there is a high staff turnover.

– When preparing an expreso, user friendly symbols help simplify the experience

– Modern design that is reminiscent of the Italian-style traditional espresso machines.

Automatic Coffee Machines by Kaapi Solutions

1)  Melitta® Cafina® CT8

Melitta cafina CT8 by Kaapi Solutions

The CT8 – the functional top model amongst fully automatic coffee machines. Ideal for large volumes. When things start to get hectic, the Melitta® Cafina® CT8 comes into its own! Top quality variations of coffee, milk and cocoa can be prepared quickly and reliably at tip of your fingers, thanks to the extra-large touch screen display whenever needed. The high hourly output of up to 250 cups guarantees the fast and efficient preparation of orders, even at the busiest times – or alternatively rapid self-service in the self-service mode.

2) Necta Kalea Plus

Necta Kalea Plus by kaapi solutions

High speed, high performance, top quality. Just a touch, and anybody can get a high-quality drink with Kalea Plus. Kalea Plus uses cutting edge technology together with the heritage of Italian espresso, taste, and culture. The outstanding output and speed will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Kalea Plus enables the creation of a personal customised coffee menu: a unique pleasure which enraptures, sip after sip.

What differentiates Kaapi Solutions?

We believe in the Diversification of Technology – in today’s world, coffee brewing technologies have evolved drastically, revolutionising the industry. Introducing brands like Astoria Storm with flow rate control, Hybrid with auto steamer technology; we at Kaapi Solutions have been effectively bridging the gap of efficient and aesthetic coffee equipment in India.

In a market like India, service is the key to success and at Kaapi Solutions having PAN India service availability, we are able and committed to providing robust after-sales service for all our products.
The dream of starting a coffee shop is becoming a reality. Our consulting services provide comprehensive assistance to help your coffee business thrive.

Investing in the right tech now can help the F&B sector save on costs in the long run.

Technology is revolutionising the food and beverage sector as the COVID 19 crisis accelerates the pace of robotics and AI. Computers help manage the supply chain and reduce waste. This in turn helps restaurants manage costs, and order inventory and shelves. It has increased the efficiency of the restaurant many times. New technology-driven term that has changed the way the food service industry works over the years.

Tech Diversification

With the diversification of technologies such as automatic steamer in Astoria Hybrid coffee machine, cafes can reduce their reliance on human power and focus more on automation. This saves INR 8000-20000 on each dedicated team pyramid. A profiling machine, Astoria Storm that facilitates espresso extraction using the expertise of barista by managing pre-infusion, water flow rate, water pressure, extraction time, water temperature to define the final cup according to the desired profile. Unique technology Dry steam technology that helps differentiate cappuccino and other milk coffees.

So, come try a lovely and refreshing cup of coffee – we welcome you to visit Kaapi Solutions at Booth A1 at the upcoming Fast Food & Café Convention 2022, on the 10th of May at the Lalit Bengaluru!

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