Have you ever tried eating a dumpling with Veeba’s hot garlic sauce or a generous puddle of sweet chili sauce? Wonder what hot wings taste like with a generous drizzle of Veeba’s bhut Jolokia extra hot sauce?

We have, and it’s mind numbingly good! Sauces and condiments are what enhance the flavor of any and all food! We see fries – we wanna dip them in a smorgasbord of sauces. Our personal fav –cheesy fries topped off with Veeba’s peri-peri sauce!

Veeba Peri Peri Sauce
Veeba Peri Peri Sauce
Veeba Hot Garlic Sauce
Veeba Hot Garlic Sauce

Welcome to FFCC Showcase 

Our pick of the week – Veeba! The winner of several awards and the provider of some of India’s best sauces and taste-makers!

Veeba started off as B2B Sauce & Condiments company. With their client list including some of the biggest global names in the quick service restaurants & coffee industry. Needless to say, their manufacturing plant passes the stringent quality tests and audits of all their clients. They have won numerous awards from esteemed clients for being a quality focused and highly innovative business partner.

Veeba is one of the leading condiments & sauce companies in India. They have a strong focus on quality and innovation. In addition to which, their ‘Better for You’ products have helped them stand out and disrupt a very cluttered retail market. With a pan Indian distribution network that reaches Institutional, QSR, General Trade and Modern Trade. Veeba’s main focus is procuring the finest and most authentic ingredients from across the globe. Which are then meticulously manufactured in a world-class ISO 22000 certified facility. 

Why Veeba Equals Quality and Variety

Today’s customers want as much variety as they do quality and health focused food. An increasing number of consumers now check the ingredients list printed on the back of a product; more so, than they did two years ago. So, how do organisations keep up with ever changing trends in taste and quality?

FFCC’s Neha Mukund, spoke to Veeba’s Chief Sales Officer and Director about their brand. Here’s what Mr. Jaspal Singh Johar had to say. “We are very proud of our large distribution network. We can now offer world class products to small restaurants, bakeries, and canteens across the country. This enables them to give their consumers a large variety of tasty, high-quality food; like Sandwiches, Pizzas, Pastas, Shakes, Syrup, gravies, and other delicious menu offerings. Now, we have become an industry leader in last 7 years and that is a significant achievement for us.”

Veeba’s Products

We are dazzled by Veeba’s product offering, having tried most of them personally. Additionally, they not only have your standard kitchen must-haves like mustard and truly tomato ketchup.

They have, over the years branched out into a multitude of sauces and dips; that cater to varied palettes and cuisines. From Tandoori Mayo, mint Mayo to Sriracha Chili garlic sauce. From sweet onion, chipotle Southwest, Marinara Pizza & Pasta to their hot garlic stir fry. Veeba guarantees to take your taste buds on an adventure. 

Veeba Bene Tibi - Green Apple
Veeba Bene Tibi – Green Apple
Veeba Bene Tibi - Pina Colada
Veeba Bene Tibi – Pina Colada

Furthermore, Veeba has now launched a new range of flavoured Syrups called Bene Tibi. With flavours cascading from Mojito Mint, Pina Colada to Spicy mango – perfect additions to any beverage all year round!

Why Veeba is Different

We asked Veeba how it stands its ground; how it sets itself apart in a constantly growing and evolving market? Especially, in an industry seeing constant changes in consumer trends, Mr. Jaspal answered. “Veeba’s wide range of products are made sourcing the highest quality, fresh and authentic ingredients. The high-quality range of products are made using innovative recipes and fresh raw materials in an internationally certified production facility. We ensure we meet the best global standards of food excellence. We believe this makes Veeba the one-stop solution for the most prominent names in the QSR space. Not to mention, restaurants, bakeries, fast food and coffee chains all across the country. Our clients seek nothing, but the best quality sauces, dips, emulsions, syrups, and dessert toppings.”

Indian F&B industry Adopting Tech for the Future! 

We had an enlightening conversation with Mr. Jaspal on his opinion for the future of the F&B community in India. “Technology and innovation have not just helped, but, saved restaurants. Therefore, they have now been forced to transform how they operate; not just to survive, but thrive.” He said, “In this new connected and contactless era, evolution is not just an option. From online ordering, self-checkouts, and touch-less payments; to delivery and pick-up. The F&B industry can no longer afford to ignore the trends that are helping businesses reinvent themselves. They have to remain relevant and competitive.”

Lastly, we asked him about this thoughts on the new tech revolution in the industry. Where did he see it going? To which, he replied, “The restaurant industry has traditionally been slow to adopt technology and innovative digital solutions. But in 2020 and 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic changed that. Concurrently, it has forced food and beverage outlets to look beyond traditional means and methods. And as a result, many restaurants have turned to tech in the last couple of years; even if reluctantly, to adapt to a new reality. One which includes more contactless technology, ways to keep guests separated from other guests and lots of additional hygiene measures.”

So, you could take our word for it, or you could try out some of India’s most delicious sauces yourself. We welcome you to visit Veeba at Booth B12 & 13 at the upcoming Fast Food & Café Convention 2022. On the 10th of May at the Lalit Bengaluru!

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By Neha Mukund

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