Aeonic & iBrew by Pradeep.

By Neha Mukund

In today’s world, equipment is key and innovation is tracking ahead at the speed of light. How do businesses decide which equipment to invest in; which equipment to implement? The pandemic of course, forced most industries to heavily invest in newer technology to help keep them afloat. But none more so than the F&B sector. 

With the emergence of cloud kitchens, the rise in rent, supply chain efficiency and numerous other costs to incur; the restaurant industry was plagued by difficult choices. What traditional methods to keep and what to innovate?

The Evolution of Pradeep Stainless India

Pradeep Stainless India, has evolved from a small business into India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless-steel products. With a global footprint that spans more than 10 countries. Over 35 years of excellence, innovation, and expertise; combined with the latest technological advancements has made us the most trusted name in the business. Pradeep Stainless launched Aeonic in Nov of 2021. 

The Future of Cooking

Aeonic Kitchen Equipment

Aeonic Kitchen Equipment is a manifestation of PRADEEP’s vision; to be an innovator and new age leader in the Indian commercial kitchen and catering industry. Aeonic kitchen equipment is induction based. which makes it a far more efficient, safe and sustainable technology; especially, when compared to equipment that uses gas or conventional electric systems for cooking. With decades of experience in offering high-quality stainless-steel kitchenware; PRADEEP brings together the same robust built and best of technology to its products.

iBrew Coffee & Tea Machines by Pradeep

Alongside, their new age tech for kitchen equipment, Pradeep also features ‘iBrew by Pradeep’. To keep the traditionalist and quintessential taste of South Indian Filter coffee and Indian chai. India’s first indigenously designed Indian chai and South Indian filter coffee brewing and dispensing machines. 

In a trend changing across the country, bean-to-cup machines were successful in India; however, that still did not replicate the traditional flavour of South Indian filter coffee and authentic Indian chai. With more people preferring to sit curb side; with an Indian chai/coffee wala on their tea breaks. iBrew machines are the perfect professional hot beverage solution.

How and Where To Find Them?

Aeonic and iBrew product catalogues will be available for view and demonstration at their Booth B2; at the upcoming Fast Food &Café Convention this May 10th 2022, at the Lalit Bengaluru.

Are you still looking for solutions to improve the Indian chai and South Indian filter coffee predicament at your business? Stop by and try a hot cup of iBrew filter coffee! And, if you still haven’t made up your mind on sourcing the best new kitchen equipment; we recommend you pop over and give Aeonic a try!

The Fast Food & Cafe Convention 2022

The Fast Food & Café Convention is India’s only show that caters to the QSR, Fast Casual, Cloud Kitchen, cafe and restaurant sectors!

Our intention is plain and simple. We have always catered to the F&B industry in India. Our goal is to host the industry, every year at our trade conference. To Learn, network and collaborate! We hope to see you there! For more

information on participating, click here. Interested in showcasing your product or solution, give us a call, we’re always happy to hear from you! 

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